Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Re-Use Old Gift Cards #2

Some may remember my other post from earlier this month about re-using gift cards. If you didn't catch it go here

In that post I told you I had specifically making things with Starbucks cards due to a good friend collecting them. Before I found the notebook idea while brainstorming with my sister the idea came around to frame the cards somehow. 

You should already know by now that I always forget the before pictures but I took the stack of starbucks gift cards I had been collecting for months and decided I could mat a 8x10 frame. I got the frame and then made a pattern as best I could with the cards I had. 

As you can see I had some of the same card and similar colors so I tried to make it fun. And do you love that I take pictures of everyone using my duvet as the background to try and cancel out the lighting and weird brown in the rest of my room? 

No? I do. :) 

If you can't already see the flaws with this project let me point them out to you. I had to cut some of the cards to make it fit inside the frame. I can't cut straight to save my life so there's that. Then I put the wrong green card on the end so I had to trim it as it was already stuck. Then my spacing on the left is weird. Just so you know spray glue is really sticky, you cannot make mistakes using it. 

The ends I trimmed. 

See that green card in the corner, that was supposed to be on the other end. Oops! 

But once it was in the frame you totally couldn't tell! 

Well you can if you get close but even that it's not glaringly obvious. And I will admit I took this last picture right before the frame went in the box to get shipped. The other pictures I had definitely showed the weird browns and lighting in my room a bit much. 

I kinda want one of there for myself now. Maybe on a smaller scale just to add some interest in my room. I'll just have to start grabbing even more Starbucks cards!!! 

This really is a simple easy gift to make with any type of card. I think Starbucks cards are the most versatile since people already use coffee themes! Now you have another thing to try next year for Christmas! Yay! 

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  1. Hi I have been thinking of doing this idea for a while but was curious where and how much you spent on the frame?