Saturday, March 31, 2012

Quote of the Day

This happened a couple times this week.
 It made the week better. 
I love remembering fun times. 

Friday, March 30, 2012

Healthy Snacks of the Week!

I ate some healthy stuff this week. 
Well, I'm trying to eat healthy in general but this week was fun! 

Fresh green beans with garlic. 
I ate a plateful cause I could. 

The black berries in this fruit bowl were so sweet and delicious. 

Oh, then my sister made mini cupcakes. 
They aren't healthy but they were the weight watchers recipe.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Sunday Musings on a Monday

I go to church.
I grew up going to church.
If you didn't or don't normally go to church I'm "one of those people" that goes to church a couple times a week. 
I'm glad we cleared that up. 

I love my church. I think it basically rocks and completely admit I'm biased. 
I love the way we worship at my church. 
It moves me and touches my heart immensely. 
Goose bumps people.
Goose bumps.

We haven't sung the song I'm going to share yet but we have been listening to it for the past 4 weeks. I hope we start to sing it because I love it. I can't even tell you all the things I love about it. 
It just has so much truth. 

I hope it speaks to you today as well. 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Reasons I Could Never Work in a Bakery

It's my sister's birthday tomorrow. 
Happy Birthday Sis!!! 

Because anytime I end up making something she ends up helping me I decided to get her birthday desserts from Whole Foods bakery. 
Have you ever tried things from their bakery?
 If not you need to. 

I'm not going to suggest anything because I'm positive everything they have is super fabulous. 

As I was eating one of their fabulous chocolate creations and letting the rich chocolate melt in my mouth the thought "I need to work there" crossed my mind. Then as I swallowed the last little morsel I had to change that thought to "I could never work in a bakery." 

There are many reasons for this and since I'm contemplating going back for another bite of chocolate or when I'm going to be near Whole Foods again I decided to share them.

1. I have this weird aversion to working with food in general. I like cooking and eating. I like cooking for friends but mass production weirds me out. 

2. If I worked in a bakery I would constantly want to taste something, lick something, or accidentally mess something up so I could eat it. (is that even allowed?)

3. I would gain a billion pounds because I would have to bring things home every day or eat them on my lunch. I have no will power.

4. If I worked at the bakery that means I would know how to make all those dessert to perfection at home. Do you KNOW what that even means??!!

5. I love chocolate too much to not taste everything that has chocolate in it. Remember no will power....

If you are not yet inspired to go to a Whole Foods bakery or another bakery near you I'm very sorry. 
And at this moment I'm thankful Whole Foods isn't any closer than it already is. 

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Yes, I still have friends

This is not from my phone.

I saw this on Pinterest a couple nights ago and after laughing out loud for a couple minutes immediately figured out how to do this on my phone and sent it to as many people that I thought would be able to see the characters. 

It made me happy and no one responded like the not nice person in the above photo. 
My friends laughed. 

We are all extremely fab like that. 

And now you know you want to do this yourself, if you're cool and already have an iPhone that is.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Not just table ware

I love shopping at Target. 
I think they have great deals, great designers, and awesome clearance. 

One of the things I love is their ever changing plastic table ware sets. It changes every season, is very reasonably priced, and is always fun colors. 

I've already used some plates from target as art around Christmas time. You can look at that post here

But back to what I just got. 

Because I love their table ware I always glance at it if I'm wandering the store and not a specific mission. They had some awesome new modern patterns that I decided I could incorporate in my room. 

I like the blue and black mix in this pattern. 

There was a chevron patter but it had 3 colors in it and it just didn't flow for me. 

First I started out with just one tumbler but had to go back for a second.

I filled one with whole coffee beans so I could hold up my make-up brushes. 
Coffee beans add texture and a fabulous smell. 
If you like the smell of coffee that is...

The second tumbler got filled with Q-tips. 
Awesome right? 
I have a vanity in my room and the tumblers are now sitting there. 

It keeps everything contained and adds a tiny bit of color to my dark brown shelf and dark brown edged mirror. (Remember everything used to brown....)

I used the plate to hold a bunch of random jewelry pieces and flowers.
It displays my rings and some brooches so I don't have to dig for them.

It makes me feel organized. 

I love when you can find different uses for things. 
But I will one day actually use Targets plastic table ware on a table to eat off. 

But not the other plate I bought yesterday..........

Ya I could have a plate obsession..... :)

Friday, March 16, 2012

Making Memories and Capturing the Little Things

The past couple weeks have been busy and fun. 

Here's a little photo blog of it all. 

Party City has so much great and fun stuff! I'm determined to convince Anne to have masks at her wedding in some way! Cause let me tell you we look fab in masks! 
(Please note the word fab may possibly be used a lot in this post)

Then we decided big hats are the new big thing and we look fab in them! 
Wednesday night shopping break! 

On Saturday I was shopping with Anne again and we had a mission. Find amazing shoes to go with my dress for her wedding reception. (There are very limited shoe stores when you are looking for specific types of shoes, in a specific price range, in specific colors, and specific heel heights) We did find some at the end of the day at TJ Maxx. Gorgeous coral color! But I'm still keeping my eyes open for the blue color I really want. 

In the shoe mission we did stumble upon an awesome clearance sale which ended in riding boots for $14. Gosh, I love clearance!!! (p.s. they're from sears!)

Fab, just fab. 

We found more big and fab hats. Which has inspired me to add going to the Kentucky Derby in a big fab hat on my bucket list.  (After some well placed suggestions by friends)

Princess Bride reference anyone?

No seriously. I've decided I hate daylight savings time, at least the part where I lose an hour. It through me off so bad this week. 

I got to hang with my nephews one night this week and we made ourselves super hero masks. (I have a thing for masks apparently) It was lots of fun and we were fab. 
Jayden said "We all batman's!" As Jimmy revealed his identity. 

I think the masks were a success. I know I loved them. 

Such cute little guys. 
They will be super hero's one day. 
I just know it! 

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Get Fit Update/Stall

This is how I feel about my workouts right now. 

They haven't been happening. 

I lost my groove bad. I got busy, didn't make time and haven't worked out in a week.

I feel it bad. 

But tonight I'm gonna change that.

I'm gonna work out, starting slow, and then refind my groove. 

It might not be running, cause I hate running, but I'm gonna find it. 

Monday, March 5, 2012

Pie Fun!

This past Friday I had a girls night with some friends. I volunteered to make desserts for the night. I wanted to make something with fruit and pies were the final decision.

I am probably one of the weirdest people in America with the fact that I do not like apple pie. I don't like cooked apple anything. Apple pie was requested but that meant I needed a dessert I liked as well! I decided to try out a recipe I found on pinterest for a strawberry and cream pie. 

I should also add these pies signal the start to my dessert hiatus. I must stop making desserts every weekend and having them every day. It is not helping my get fit plan at all. makes me sad but it must be so. 
This girl is about to go through some major sugar withdrawals!!! 

Anyways, the pies. 

For the apple pie I decided to use the Pioneer Woman's flat apple pie recipe. (She inspires me in so many ways) My sister has her cookbook but you can find the recipe here. It was a very simple recipe to follow. I did cheat a bit by buying pre-made crust, but that possibly backfired on me. 

We had 2 bags of Fiji apples so I used those instead of buying Granny Smith apples.

I may have added a bit more sugar and butter than what she called for....

And this is where the store bought pie crust might have failed. The syrup poured out of my pies. The second pie was worse....or it could have been adding the extra butter. 
Overall I was told the pies turned out fabulous. (The only part of the pie I ate was apple slices when I was cutting my apples.) 

I got the idea for my second pie through Pinterest. I personally LOVE strawberries, they are by far my favorite fruit, and I used to have strawberry pie instead of cake on my birthdays. This strawberry and cream pie just sounded like a great fruity dessert, you can find the recipe I followed here

I didn't take as many pictures of this pie since I made it over two nights. It is a fairly easy recipe to follow as long as you read it. Ya, you read that right and yes that means I didn't read it right at first. Thankfully no major issues came from that just time problems. I baked the crust and made the cream filling the same night as the apple pies.

The cream filling didn't taste quite as sweet as I expected. I was a little worried at first that it wouldn't be sweet enough especially since it isn't strawberry season which means the strawberries aren't that sweet. And that is why I sprinkled sugar over my cut strawberries and added a bit more sugar to my syrup. 

Since I was running late I didn't take pictures of the finished pie until I was at my friends house and we were about to eat it. 

I think it looks pretty and it tasted fabulous! The cream filling had just the right texture and was just sweet enough to play against the strawberries. 

I really enjoyed making the pies and wish I had planned ahead more to make my own pie crusts. I think that would have been fun, worked a bit better for the flat pies, and I love using my sister's new kitchen aid mixer. 

But now it is time to say goodbye to all these dessert posts. I must conduct a dessert making hiatus. I can't have it in my house, I eat it all, I must stick to small small servings if any. 
(I'm not cutting out sweets completely I don't see it necessary and don't want to work on my willpower that much, just keeping it real) 

But when I do get back to dessert making I already have plans to find an awesome strawberry rhubarb pie recipe. 
But that probably doesn't help my dessert hiatus plans....Ooops! 

Saturday, March 3, 2012