Saturday, November 26, 2011

A little bit of Snowflake

I love Christmas. I love decorating for Christmas, the smells, the movies, the music. I love it all! But I don't really have any of my own Christmas decorations. Even if I did with only one room I wouldn't have much room to decorate. 

Well, I was at Target just browsing with Anne and I saw the most adorable little plates! 

Aren't they so fun? The snowflakes. So winter and Christmas. They are small enough that I figured I could turn them into decorations for my room. 

I also bought some white ribbon at Target for $3. It's definitely more than I need for this project but I figured I'll find another use for it. 

I cut a piece of ribbon that leaving the loop a couple inches above the top of the plate and then hot glued it on. 

Then it was a matter of finding a place to hang them on my wall. Which was hard until I remembered that I already had a nail in one spot so I just added a thumbtack. It's rather hard to put things in my wall. So this was the easiest and I like it. 

And of course the instagram version. 

Not bad for $4 decorations! Target always has plastic plates for most every season. Quick and easy decorations. 

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  1. That is soooo cute! And you could leave them up all winter because they don't scream "CHRISTMAS".