Friday, November 18, 2011

My "fake" Wish list

Do you have a "fake" wish list? Let me explain. A "fake" wish list is that list of things you see and love but know you will probably never get them. Things that are just too expensive for your piece of mind, just a picture on the Internet you will probably never really find, or just things that if you do eventually get it won't be for quite a few years. 

Well, if you don't have a list like this don't worry I do and I plan to share some of it today. Now mind you this isn't a complete list and honestly a lot of these things are new and via my pinterest addiction. So here it goes in no particular order! 

Photo via Shabby Apple

I love purses. I mean really love them. I would spend tons of money on them if my mother hadn't raised me to not spend too much money on just one item. Even with that I still spend more on a purse than she would ever dream of. Anyways, I think this is a totally fun and casual purse. It looks blue in this photo, which I'm really into light blue right now, but on the website they only offer olive and cream. For only $55 I would consider purchasing this purse if I could touch it first. I don't have photos but other purses on my list are from Coach or Dooney & Burke. Classic and fun. They make me drool...

Photo via

I'm just now getting into shoes and heels. Growing up on an island where everyone is more on the short side you try not to add more to your own 5 feet 9 inches than there already is. But since I live in Michigan now I'm a normal size and it's rather fun! But back to shoes, I love these. Polka dots are so awesome and fun and the pop of green is fabulous. If I had them I don't know if I would ever find something to wear them with. I would try very hard but I feel it would be difficult. I couldn't find the exact post these shoes came from in the blog but I didn't do a word search. Sigh...they are so cute! 

Photo via

Isn't this the most gorgeous dress you have ever seen? Of course being on moda I will never truly find where it's from or who made it. But I can look at it and wish I was talented enough to make something like this. I'm not even sure if this would look good on me but I love it. I just imagine wearing it at a holiday party or too a wedding were people actually dress up. Or to a play. Even in any other color this dress would be just as gorgeous. If anyone is a whiz at sewing and wants to make this for me for cost of supplies and a minimal fee let me know!!!! 

Photo via google 

English bulldogs are apparently the new thing or maybe I'm just only hearing about it now. Either way English bulldog puppies are just waaay too adorable. All the wrinkles and the littleness. MMMM!! Just makes me want to grab them in a big hug! Now this I want later but only if they are always this cute. Anyone know? 

Photo via facebook 

No seriously, that is what it said on pinterest. The photo is from I want one of these in my home. I want one now but then I would have no where for my clothes. This would be a great little away place to read and keep all your books. I would love to see kids in there reading. 

Photo via

And because I'm loving Christmas decorations right now I had to have a picture of the type of tree I might want someday. I love all the bright colors on this tree. Fun, bright, colorful, and full of Christmas cheer. You can't ask for more at Christmas. The only thing I can't see are the lights and I must have lights on my tree. 

And that are just a few things on my "fake" wish list. They are in no particular order. Just things I fancy right now. Hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to comment about something that might be on your own list!  

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