Wednesday, January 26, 2011

So Far So Good!

A couple posts ago I talked about the goals and plans I have made for 2011 and I have been working on them! I have completed 2 days of working out and tomorrow will be day 3. I have been really trying to be more positive and think I am doing better but need to find a way to measure and really decide that. (I will admit I fell off that band wagon today but plan to be back tomorrow.) I have also added some decorations to me room! I am attaching a picture. The picture isn't that great and please ignore the mess on my dresser but I am still excited about what I did.

I got the decorating idea off another blog and turned it into something more sophisticated. I picked out a wider ribbon from Michael's. I specifically looked for something with color as a lot of my room is in brown tones. I then actually developed some of my favorite pictures and paper clipped them to the ribbon. I used coated paper clips so hopefully no rust or large indentations are left on the pictures. Since I have short walls and a slanted ceiling this works great to add a lot of pictures at a time. I am thinking about making a smaller stand somewhere else but that comes after I rearrange the furniture!

I am pretty proud of myself for these little accomplishments. Like I've said before I am a procrastinator and I feel good that I've gotten things accomplished after such a short time. It's also motivating to get more done so I can add more to my list. I'm not sure how many actually read my posts but if anyone does are you working on your 2011 Resolutions?

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Quote of the day "Often we make our decisions based on what's comfortable. Yet how are we ever supposed to find extraordinary if we don't step out of our safety zone."
I think the quote says it all. We are people if habit. I know I am. What will I find if I leave my safety zone?

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Plans for everything...Must be exhausting!

A few days ago I mentioned New Years Resolutions or plans for the year 2011. I've had a few days to think about it and I want to make periodic plans for this year. I think a lot of times we get so caught up in life that we really forget to accomplish important things or anything outside of our normal routine. I don't want to get so caught up in the mundane. So here are my resolutions or plans for 2011....

1. Be healthier. In diet and exercise.

2. Be more positive.

3. Read at more non-fiction. (I will try to decide a specific number)

4. Decorate my room more.

5. Expand my lotion making business.

6. Refresh my mind in the basics i.e. math, english, literature.

I think that is a pretty good list to start with. I will post about my progress periodically and hopefully having to do that will keep me motivated. Are you making exhausting plans for 2011?

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Bring it on 2011!

Do you make New Year resolutions? I have a few times but never really worked at it. I think I might try to think of a few for this year. Maybe I should have thought about this earlier though! Oh well, better late than never right? My cubicle buddy at work and I have been discussing being healthier this year. That is something I want to do better on for sure.

I have a cold right now so I'm having trouble thinking past my clogged sinuses and headache. I will have to finish these thoughts later. Hope everyone had a fabulous New Years!