Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dark Chocolate Bread Pudding

I have a problem. 

I'm addicted to dessert, chocolate, caramel, anything sweet.

It calls my name. I crave it. I constantly want it. Desserts are mostly what I pin on Pinterest. 

It's a big problem. 

It's an even bigger problem when I'm trying to get fit and eat healthy. 

Somehow, no matter how hard I try, ice cream just doesn't make me feel healthy. 

It makes me feel happy just not healthy. 

But anyways, dark chocolate bread pudding is what this post is supposed to be about. 
Please note, unless you are going to make a dessert for real don't mention dessert to your pregnant sister or friends. They really pick up on these things! Actually you probably shouldn't mention making a dessert to just about anyone unless they are from another dimension and dislike dessert, therefore not caring if you make any or not. Basically, don't say it unless you mean it applies to a lot, even dessert.

This weekend I was craving dessert and decided I should make it instead of being happy with the two kinds of ice cream in the freezer or the chocolate chip brownies on the counter.

Nope! We needed something new and with bread. 
Do you love bread too? 

All my pins on pinterest took too much work, we didn't have all the ingredients, or would just take too long at 7pm. I saw a bread pudding recipe and decided I also needed chocolate. And wouldn't you know google has that! I found this recipe, showed it to my sister who so graciously offered to help, and we both said yep! 

There was momentary panic when we weren't sure if we had dark chocolate in the house. If it had been 3 or even 2 weeks prior there might have been multiple bags in the freezer or my room. Only might though. But because the dark chocolate we had wasn't bakers chocolate we kinda guessed with our chocolate measuring and put in a bit less sugar. Just so ya know....

I wonder how this would have tasted as a drink.....Probably very rich.

We used sourdough bread since we had that on hand. And we put in more than 3 cups. Keiki, my sister, made all those decisions. Okay, so she basically made the whole thing but it was my idea. And she probably took over so it would all get done faster. I always forget the ingredients or measurements so I have to look at the recipe a billion times which makes everything go slower. But I did assist! :) It counts. 

Then we ate it at 9 pm Saturday evening. Very lucky to have cool whip in the freezer (do the coool whiiiip cool whip! I have to sing that jingle every time!). And I haven't had a piece since. I'm shocked to be quite honest but Sunday lunch is always large, then homemade pizza, and loco moco last night. I am trying to be good. It's just the initial craving! 

For someone who has just recently discovered what bread pudding is, what it entails, and how delicious it can be I highly recommend this recipe. 

Bread and chocolate! 

What more can a girl ask for?!?!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Yoohoo! Inspriation?

I'm on an inspiration slump. 

Well, it's not the inspiration. I have tons of things saved, pinned, and dreams but no motivation. 

Nothing screams craft me! 

It could possibly be a wallet slump as well. Christmas crafts and gifts and excitement add up quickly. 

I also know the big things I want to do and kinda want them done first before I add little things. 
Ya know? 

I need a headboard before I make pillows. 

Just things like that. 

But I will be finishing up one last Christmas gift soon! This week! 
I do know Christmas is far past but there were some order issues.

It will be a fabulous gift, I can tell you that! 

Are you excited yet? 

Maybe I just need some small easy crafts to do. 


Ones I can't mess up that easy. 


Pssttt!!!! Are you doing 100 sit ups a day?? 

Thursday, January 26, 2012

My Favorite Healthy Snack

Have you had a cutie? 

Do you buy tons of cutie's at your house?

Do you love them to death? 

I do.

I take a couple to work every day. 

They are so much more funner than oranges. 
And for today funner is a real and good word.

I also noticed tonight that we are almost out of cuties at our house. 

I will admit I considered grabbing 2 or 3 and hiding them. But that wouldn't be kind to my nephews who love them or my pregnant sister who also loves them. 

I decided to be kind and share. I'm also considering stopping at the store for more tomorrow! 

Eat a cutie! 

Funner must be an actual real word. My spell check didn't catch it. Yet it still hates pinterest and instagram. Apparently the dictionary needs to grow with the times and app world. :)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Get Fit 2012 Challenge

Now you all know I love Pinterest. 
Well, I saw an idea on there that I want to do and have already started. 
It was a 30 day challenge to do 100 sit ups every day. 

If you are a person who has only exercised sporadically all her life and has not done any real work out routine for about oh 6+ months 100 sit ups a day IS a challenge. 

I have been doing other work outs but I decided to add this in. A challenge to make me do something on my off days or days I don't have as much time. I have asked some friends and coworkers to jump in on this challenge with me. To help keep me accountable and such. 

So how about you? 

You want in on this challenge? 
100 sit ups or crunches a day
You can do reverse crunches, side crunches, regular ones, or eve do ones on an exercise ball. 
You just have to do at least 100 a day. 
You could even do half in the morning half at night! 
(Like I thought about for 1 day before laughing at myself for even thinking I would ever function enough in the morning to do such a thing)

I have already started on this challenge. I did my first 100 yesterday. 

Hope you join in or start your own get fit challenge! 

Monday, January 23, 2012

Quote of the Day

Being normal is just oh so normal.

Change it up! 

Friday, January 20, 2012

My Favorite Book

If you are a reader, you most likely have a favorite book. (or 2, or 3) 

I know I most definitely have one. I read it about twice a year and watch the 6 hour A&E series on it a couple times a year as well. 

Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice 
Is my all time favorite book. 

It's beautifully written, has one of the best love stories ever, the sarcasm, the wit, the characters. 
I LOVE it! 

So true isn't it? 

If you lived in England at that time I mean! 

One day I want tour England and visit the houses they used in the movies. Especially Pemberley, I would die to see Pemberley! 

Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy sharing words. 

Can you feel the tension? The intrigue? How attracted they are to each other but do not fully realize it!

This is my all time favorite quote from the book and the movie. (Seeing Colin Firth say this....swoon....) 

It's such a powerful sentence. The words must, ardently, and admire just bring it to a whole new level. 

You can't tell me this would not make you swoon. 

I love Colin Firth only because of his portrayal of Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy. In my eyes it his best performance ever. 

This is the best version of Pride and Prejudice out there, in my very humble opinion, and I've seen a few of them. I saw this version for the first time when I was 10 years old. My oldest sister bought it on VHS from Costco and we (my sisters and possibly a couple other girls) spent a Saturday morning watching all six hours. 

I even loved it then. 

I didn't read the book until I was in high school but after watching this particular version so many times I could literally envision the entire book. In the A&E version they quote the book so much and pull in all the details so well. 

I'm sure they quote the book in the other versions, like the much loved Disney version, but it just doesn't compare to the mastery portrayed in 6 hours. 

Trust me.

And no one....

No one....

Will ever beat Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy. 

(Well, unless I find a Mr. Darcy that is! wink)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Things I wish I had at my Fingertips

Unless you've lived in more than one place in your life you might not understand this post. 

If you haven't ever lived anywhere else that's totally cool. Bask in that. 

If you've moved more than me that's totally cool as well. I'm gonna be a little bit jealous. I wanna travel.

Now back to the original topic. I've lived in Hawaii, California, and now Michigan. 

Hawaii and California are similar enough. Michigan...not so much. 

This is what I wish I had at my fingertips here in Michigan. 

Just a couple things I've been craving.

If you have been near an L&L and have not eaten there you are a horrible horrible person. You also have no idea what you are missing out on! 
Oh what I would give for a barbeque mix plate!!

I'm still trying to understand why Jamba Juice isn't everywhere. It's sooo good! I really want this when I'm sick. Who wouldn't want a huge fruit smoothie when they are sick?

Relaxing on the beach, getting some sun, talking with friends, and reading a good book. 
I hit a lake here this summer and let me tell you not every beach is the same. 

Sunsets on the beach. 

That is something to bask in. 

Michigan you need to at least get some of these!!!! 

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cinnamon Roll Cake

I told my sister over the weekend that I wanted to make a fabulous dessert. 

I said this when I was very hungry. 

Then every time I had the time to make it, I wasn't hungry. But my pregnant sister remembered me saying it so it kinda basically had to happen. 

I was going to pull a pinterest idea but couldn't access my boards so I went to a blog I follow called The Girl who ate Everything. (Seriously coolest blog name ever! I want to be the girl who ate everything! But I don't want to be the one making it all. Ok? I have horrible retention on recipes so I'm always having to jump back and forth to read the recipe so it takes a loong time.) But back to the cake. I found this recipe and decided it sounded fabulous. 

It's a very easy recipe overall. Simple to follow (especially with a kitchen aid mixer, even though I had to get help to use it) and simple ingredients. You know I didn't take any pictures until I got to the end but with such a simple recipe you don't need lots of instruction.

Doesn't that just look fabulous right there! I was so excited! 

It took about 40 minutes to bake for me. And when I finally went looking for ingredients for the glaze I realized we didn't have powdered sugar. Apparently that got used with Christmas cookies. So I was going to forget the glaze until my sister told me you can make your own powdered sugar. (Did you know that? I didn't know that?! You totally just google make your own powdered sugar and it tells you how. Craziness.) I used our ninja food processor but I didn't grind my sugar quite enough. The glaze still worked but it was extremely extremely sweet. 

Yep, I forgot the picture until after I cut the cake. Oops! See how much glaze is there?!?! Too much! I wish I had cut the sugar down (like how I act like that thought even crossed my mind) or not poured all the glaze over the cake. Live and learn right?

And here is my piece of cake. Small since it didn't get done until 930pm and I am trying to get fit! 

Overall it was fabulous. Very sweet but the cinnamon inside the cake is fabulous. Also you need to eat this cake warm. So either eat it all in one sitting or heat pieces up. 

If I wasn't getting fit I would tell you to do it all in one sitting....with help. Maybe. 

And hey!! I just realized this is part of my 2012 plan! Woohoo me for doing something without realizing it! 1 recipe down! 

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Capturing the Little Things

I plan to take more pictures this year. I want them to be at least decent pictures. 

Most of these pictures will be taken with my phone since that is around more. 

That means Instagram!! 

You've met Dixie right? She was getting ready for bed here. And sat up because she thought she was about to get in trouble for being on the couch.

This is Bo, he sleeps all the time. I interrupted his sleep and he wasn't thrilled.

Hello rocker nephew Jayden!!! No really moments before he was on the stage at church playing his guitar with the band. He is totally cool.

And Jimmy Wray is totally cute. As well as a major poser for the camera. I love that smile! 

It finally snowed here. Like really snowed, like still snowing right now, like my car is covered not dusted, like every time Jayden looks outside he yells snow,  kind of snow. 

It only took a month and a half of winter for it to happen. 

But hey I didn't have to go to work today. It's all good! 

Friday, January 13, 2012

Making Memories-World's Ugliest Dress

I went shopping last weekend with some friends. 

We were specifically looking at dresses. 

And I do believe we may have found one of the world's ugliest dresses. 

Okay so maybe it isn't that bad but can you say 80's? Or something you would have worn in 4th grade! 
That is crushed velvet on the top by the way. 

We all tried it on once we saw the sign that said it was $9.99. It was originally priced over $200 and the store had racks....big seller huh? 

So we were fools in the dressing room pulling these crazy dresses on, having random people take pictures of us and laughing lots. 

It was a fabulous memory to make. 

Thursday, January 12, 2012

2012 Plan

Hello 2012! 

Only 12 days later!!! 

I promised you today would be the day I talk about my 2012 plan so here it is! 

If you don't know about this from last year go here

Like last year this is just a starting list. Things can be added and taken away as needed. 
Without further ado and in no particular order my 2012 Plan.

1. Read 5 Non fiction books.
2. Complete bed makeover, headboard.
3. Start and complete dresser redo
4. GET FIT period dot
-those last two words are necessary because there will be no excuses. This is going to happen, happen right, and last me.
5. Find and complete 2 sewing projects.
6. Learn how to take better pictures with the camera I have.
7. Try 5 new dinner recipes.
8. Try 5 new dessert recipes.
9. Do more things with my nephews. 
10. Plan and do at least 1 new adventure each month with friends.
11. Be positive  
-This is brought over from last year as a reminder to keep it up
12. Try to make some good decisions regarding school. 
13. Take the time to appreciate and grow my love for Jesus.

There you have it folks. A plan for 2012. Did you make one? (Some call it resolutions) I'm excited about my plan for this year. I hope it helps to expand my horizons and introduce me into new things outside my normal comfort zone. 

My overall plan for this year though is to capture the little things and make memories. I want 2012 to be beyond fabulous. 

Now you can be looking for those phrases throughout the year to of course document 2012. 

Happy 2012 everyone even if it is a late start! 

If you have a plan for 2012 share it with me!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hello Jillian Michaels and 2012 Plan!!!

I know I have slacked soooo bad on my 2012 plan posting. You can probably guess that means I've slacked in real life as well. The holidays were busy and last couple weeks have been getting caught up. Losing for the feeling of the holidays, working a full week, and all that other jazz. 

But no more! Tonight Jillian Michaels invaded my life again! 

Getting fit is a huge part of my 2012 plan and it started tonight. I'm going to do the 30 day shred at home for about a month then hopefully start up at the gym. I am announcing this on the internet in hopes that it helps me stick to it more than last year. 

So feel free to ask, scold, and bug the crap out of me about all this. 

With that a post about my 2012 plan/resolutions will be coming tomorrow. 


Sure thing. 

Gosh, I'm out of shape.....

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Quote of the Day


That's all I can even say.

Oh, and that I LOVE Pinterest. 

That's all....

Now just bask in the brilliance of that quote.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Fabric Covered Magnet Board

Did you have a picture board as a teenager? Do you have one now? I had one in college and I loved it. It was a great place to put up pictures of my family, home, and fun quotes. Sadly when I left college it was too hard to mail anywhere or fit in a suitcase so I gave it away. I've wanted one for awhile but have never found one that I loved. I did almost buy a dark brown one while I was in my brown stage but thankfully I decided I needed color! 

Anyway, I wanted a way to display pictures etc and had seen some fun ideas on Pinterest but the magnet boards caught my eye the most. I found one tutorial that mentioned using old cookie sheets to make a fabric covered board and that sounded great to me! 

I wanted something cheap but was too impatient to go to thrift stores and garage sales to find a big pan so The Dollar Store it was! I like their round pizza pans better then their rectangular pans. I bought 2 since they are pretty small. 

Once I had the pans I needed fabric. I went to Joann Fabrics (it was quite the trip, I couldn't find the store and my phone froze up, then I went the wrong way twice, I was quite over it 20 minutes later). I knew I wanted some sort of color, preferably green, and that I wanted a modern pattern. I was imagining stripes, chevron, big polka dots, or something similar. I was very disappointed in the lack of prints like that at Joanns. They had limited selection and color. I felt like everything was blue and purple. 

This is the first fabric I was thinking about. Before I found the whole other section of fabric in the back. (Ya...my Joanns experience wasn't fabulous that night.)

Once I found that hidden section this is the fabric I chose. Also after I sent my sister almost have a billion pictures of fabrics to help me decide. Sometimes I have decision making issues... But I love what I chose! It's a nice pop of color, elegant, and flows with my vision for my room. (Which I haven't quite been able to name yet)

While I was at Joanns I also picked up some magnets. I was hoping they would have fun magnets but if they did I missed that aisle. I got two different sizes but chose to use the larger ones pictured. 

Once you have all your supplies i.e pan, fabric, magnets, spray glue or any way to adhere the fabric to the pan you are ready to bring your fabric boards together.

There is an edge to the pans I used but after folding over the fabric I decided it was better to use the back of the pan as my "board". 

This is the spray glue I used. It's pretty awesome as long as you don't get it on your hands. When you spray the back of your pan you don't want to spray the ridges. Do you know what I'm talking about? 

See? That ridge, dip, or whatever that's called don't glue there, that wouldn't work well I think. (This was a mistake I actually didn't make! Yay me!)  

Then you get your handy dandy glue gun and fold the excess fabric over tightly gluing it down onto the raised edge. Practice folding your fabric over before you start gluing if you use a round pan. That way you know how to fold the fabric to get it lay smoothly. 

Like so...

I had a lot of excess fabric so I trimmed some of it as I turned the pan to make it easier to see and fold over.

This is what the back will look like after you have glued it all down and trimmed excess fabric.

This is what the front looks like. I like it lots! 

Test out the magnets holding up a picture on the newly covered board.

Because the ridge on this pan is so small I needed something to hang it with. I took some extra fabric, folded it in half, glued it down, made a loop and hot glued it onto the back of the pan. 

Here is my first board hanging up. Notice I didn't pay attention to the way the fabric was facing when I put the loop on the back.

Testing out the picture again. Nice picture ain't it? 
But do you notice how boring that magnet looks? I decided they needed some sparkle.

That's where white glitter and Elmer's glue come in.

I dabbed/poured glue onto one sides of the magnets and then poured glitter over them.

Then I let them dry. I tapped them on their sides a couple times before I put them on the boards.

And here is the end result! Two fun boards I can display my favorite pictures and fun quotes! It also makes my boring walls so much more fun! 

It was easy, simple, and a very cheap project! Which is another score! 

And the Instagram photos

P.S. this photo is by Kate Saler Photography

Hope you enjoyed this picture filled tutorial and that you can make your own magnet board. If you use different pans let me know how it turns out! 

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