Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hello Jillian Michaels and 2012 Plan!!!

I know I have slacked soooo bad on my 2012 plan posting. You can probably guess that means I've slacked in real life as well. The holidays were busy and last couple weeks have been getting caught up. Losing for the feeling of the holidays, working a full week, and all that other jazz. 

But no more! Tonight Jillian Michaels invaded my life again! 

Getting fit is a huge part of my 2012 plan and it started tonight. I'm going to do the 30 day shred at home for about a month then hopefully start up at the gym. I am announcing this on the internet in hopes that it helps me stick to it more than last year. 

So feel free to ask, scold, and bug the crap out of me about all this. 

With that a post about my 2012 plan/resolutions will be coming tomorrow. 


Sure thing. 

Gosh, I'm out of shape.....

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