Monday, January 30, 2012

Yoohoo! Inspriation?

I'm on an inspiration slump. 

Well, it's not the inspiration. I have tons of things saved, pinned, and dreams but no motivation. 

Nothing screams craft me! 

It could possibly be a wallet slump as well. Christmas crafts and gifts and excitement add up quickly. 

I also know the big things I want to do and kinda want them done first before I add little things. 
Ya know? 

I need a headboard before I make pillows. 

Just things like that. 

But I will be finishing up one last Christmas gift soon! This week! 
I do know Christmas is far past but there were some order issues.

It will be a fabulous gift, I can tell you that! 

Are you excited yet? 

Maybe I just need some small easy crafts to do. 


Ones I can't mess up that easy. 


Pssttt!!!! Are you doing 100 sit ups a day?? 

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