Thursday, January 26, 2012

My Favorite Healthy Snack

Have you had a cutie? 

Do you buy tons of cutie's at your house?

Do you love them to death? 

I do.

I take a couple to work every day. 

They are so much more funner than oranges. 
And for today funner is a real and good word.

I also noticed tonight that we are almost out of cuties at our house. 

I will admit I considered grabbing 2 or 3 and hiding them. But that wouldn't be kind to my nephews who love them or my pregnant sister who also loves them. 

I decided to be kind and share. I'm also considering stopping at the store for more tomorrow! 

Eat a cutie! 

Funner must be an actual real word. My spell check didn't catch it. Yet it still hates pinterest and instagram. Apparently the dictionary needs to grow with the times and app world. :)

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