Thursday, January 19, 2012

Things I wish I had at my Fingertips

Unless you've lived in more than one place in your life you might not understand this post. 

If you haven't ever lived anywhere else that's totally cool. Bask in that. 

If you've moved more than me that's totally cool as well. I'm gonna be a little bit jealous. I wanna travel.

Now back to the original topic. I've lived in Hawaii, California, and now Michigan. 

Hawaii and California are similar enough. Michigan...not so much. 

This is what I wish I had at my fingertips here in Michigan. 

Just a couple things I've been craving.

If you have been near an L&L and have not eaten there you are a horrible horrible person. You also have no idea what you are missing out on! 
Oh what I would give for a barbeque mix plate!!

I'm still trying to understand why Jamba Juice isn't everywhere. It's sooo good! I really want this when I'm sick. Who wouldn't want a huge fruit smoothie when they are sick?

Relaxing on the beach, getting some sun, talking with friends, and reading a good book. 
I hit a lake here this summer and let me tell you not every beach is the same. 

Sunsets on the beach. 

That is something to bask in. 

Michigan you need to at least get some of these!!!! 

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