Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cinnamon Roll Cake

I told my sister over the weekend that I wanted to make a fabulous dessert. 

I said this when I was very hungry. 

Then every time I had the time to make it, I wasn't hungry. But my pregnant sister remembered me saying it so it kinda basically had to happen. 

I was going to pull a pinterest idea but couldn't access my boards so I went to a blog I follow called The Girl who ate Everything. (Seriously coolest blog name ever! I want to be the girl who ate everything! But I don't want to be the one making it all. Ok? I have horrible retention on recipes so I'm always having to jump back and forth to read the recipe so it takes a loong time.) But back to the cake. I found this recipe and decided it sounded fabulous. 

It's a very easy recipe overall. Simple to follow (especially with a kitchen aid mixer, even though I had to get help to use it) and simple ingredients. You know I didn't take any pictures until I got to the end but with such a simple recipe you don't need lots of instruction.

Doesn't that just look fabulous right there! I was so excited! 

It took about 40 minutes to bake for me. And when I finally went looking for ingredients for the glaze I realized we didn't have powdered sugar. Apparently that got used with Christmas cookies. So I was going to forget the glaze until my sister told me you can make your own powdered sugar. (Did you know that? I didn't know that?! You totally just google make your own powdered sugar and it tells you how. Craziness.) I used our ninja food processor but I didn't grind my sugar quite enough. The glaze still worked but it was extremely extremely sweet. 

Yep, I forgot the picture until after I cut the cake. Oops! See how much glaze is there?!?! Too much! I wish I had cut the sugar down (like how I act like that thought even crossed my mind) or not poured all the glaze over the cake. Live and learn right?

And here is my piece of cake. Small since it didn't get done until 930pm and I am trying to get fit! 

Overall it was fabulous. Very sweet but the cinnamon inside the cake is fabulous. Also you need to eat this cake warm. So either eat it all in one sitting or heat pieces up. 

If I wasn't getting fit I would tell you to do it all in one sitting....with help. Maybe. 

And hey!! I just realized this is part of my 2012 plan! Woohoo me for doing something without realizing it! 1 recipe down! 

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