Thursday, January 12, 2012

2012 Plan

Hello 2012! 

Only 12 days later!!! 

I promised you today would be the day I talk about my 2012 plan so here it is! 

If you don't know about this from last year go here

Like last year this is just a starting list. Things can be added and taken away as needed. 
Without further ado and in no particular order my 2012 Plan.

1. Read 5 Non fiction books.
2. Complete bed makeover, headboard.
3. Start and complete dresser redo
4. GET FIT period dot
-those last two words are necessary because there will be no excuses. This is going to happen, happen right, and last me.
5. Find and complete 2 sewing projects.
6. Learn how to take better pictures with the camera I have.
7. Try 5 new dinner recipes.
8. Try 5 new dessert recipes.
9. Do more things with my nephews. 
10. Plan and do at least 1 new adventure each month with friends.
11. Be positive  
-This is brought over from last year as a reminder to keep it up
12. Try to make some good decisions regarding school. 
13. Take the time to appreciate and grow my love for Jesus.

There you have it folks. A plan for 2012. Did you make one? (Some call it resolutions) I'm excited about my plan for this year. I hope it helps to expand my horizons and introduce me into new things outside my normal comfort zone. 

My overall plan for this year though is to capture the little things and make memories. I want 2012 to be beyond fabulous. 

Now you can be looking for those phrases throughout the year to of course document 2012. 

Happy 2012 everyone even if it is a late start! 

If you have a plan for 2012 share it with me!

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