Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dark Chocolate Bread Pudding

I have a problem. 

I'm addicted to dessert, chocolate, caramel, anything sweet.

It calls my name. I crave it. I constantly want it. Desserts are mostly what I pin on Pinterest. 

It's a big problem. 

It's an even bigger problem when I'm trying to get fit and eat healthy. 

Somehow, no matter how hard I try, ice cream just doesn't make me feel healthy. 

It makes me feel happy just not healthy. 

But anyways, dark chocolate bread pudding is what this post is supposed to be about. 
Please note, unless you are going to make a dessert for real don't mention dessert to your pregnant sister or friends. They really pick up on these things! Actually you probably shouldn't mention making a dessert to just about anyone unless they are from another dimension and dislike dessert, therefore not caring if you make any or not. Basically, don't say it unless you mean it applies to a lot, even dessert.

This weekend I was craving dessert and decided I should make it instead of being happy with the two kinds of ice cream in the freezer or the chocolate chip brownies on the counter.

Nope! We needed something new and with bread. 
Do you love bread too? 

All my pins on pinterest took too much work, we didn't have all the ingredients, or would just take too long at 7pm. I saw a bread pudding recipe and decided I also needed chocolate. And wouldn't you know google has that! I found this recipe, showed it to my sister who so graciously offered to help, and we both said yep! 

There was momentary panic when we weren't sure if we had dark chocolate in the house. If it had been 3 or even 2 weeks prior there might have been multiple bags in the freezer or my room. Only might though. But because the dark chocolate we had wasn't bakers chocolate we kinda guessed with our chocolate measuring and put in a bit less sugar. Just so ya know....

I wonder how this would have tasted as a drink.....Probably very rich.

We used sourdough bread since we had that on hand. And we put in more than 3 cups. Keiki, my sister, made all those decisions. Okay, so she basically made the whole thing but it was my idea. And she probably took over so it would all get done faster. I always forget the ingredients or measurements so I have to look at the recipe a billion times which makes everything go slower. But I did assist! :) It counts. 

Then we ate it at 9 pm Saturday evening. Very lucky to have cool whip in the freezer (do the coool whiiiip cool whip! I have to sing that jingle every time!). And I haven't had a piece since. I'm shocked to be quite honest but Sunday lunch is always large, then homemade pizza, and loco moco last night. I am trying to be good. It's just the initial craving! 

For someone who has just recently discovered what bread pudding is, what it entails, and how delicious it can be I highly recommend this recipe. 

Bread and chocolate! 

What more can a girl ask for?!?!

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