Thursday, November 3, 2011

Desk Redo

In my room decorating plans, well I can't really say I have plans since it all changes so often, I decided I wanted a desk so I could have somewhere to do crafts at instead of pulling all the junk downstairs. I looked on craigs list but didn't find a lot of options for the price I wanted to pay. But then my fabulous neighbor had a fabulous relative that had a desk she didn't want anymore. It needed a lot of love but I was so excited! Here is what it looked like when I first brought it home. 

It was chipped, I hated the hardware, and definitely didn't want it to be white. 

I went to Home Depot and got a Behr paint and primer in one. Purple was the choice!  
Painting picture. 

I was going to change the knobs up and be all fun but then I was too impatient to re-drill holes and all that so I just spray painted the gold ones black. 

This is the nick I put in the paint because I was too impatient to wait to put the drawers in or go and get my camera to see how they were supposed to go and that is the results
And here it is in my room. I'm re-painting the nick and will be painting it with a clear coat as well so the paint doesn't get crazy scratched. But I love it. It's a beautiful pop of color in my room of neutrals as of yet. And I must say the handles look smashing! 


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