Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Double Hitter of Awesomeness

I thought long and hard about what the title of this post should be and I think I finally got it. It's got a nice ring to it don't it. This past weekend I took some pictures for my friend and her family. It was fun. I am seriously in love with this park and will be going again. It had the most amazing bridge.... Anyways, meet Anne. 
I know I've mentioned her before but now you are officially hearing about her and she officially has her own blog post. I met Anne 2 years ago when I started working at the Credit Union. We hit it off almost immediately and it's straight up awesomeness since then. Anne has taught me to let go and laugh no matter what crazy thing is going on. She has taught that no matter what anyone says or what happens at the end of the day still say "Ya, I rock." or in our case it's always "We rock." (And really we do. trust me)  The best talks, the worst inside jokes, the laughter at inappropriate and inopportune times, eating each others feelings and so much more. It has always been interesting to say the least. We act like utter fools and know we completely rock that. The photo shoot was tons of fun. I got some great pictures of her family and her fiance even snapped a couple of us. 

Don't they look fabulous. That was taken on the bridge. Love the bridge. 

Then it was our mini photo shoot. First one is nice....

Then Anne had to ponder....we do ponder quite a bit.

And then we had to crack up at what she was pondering. Best picture ever. Especially since we were laughing about sucking in our stomachs. 

Then one last self picture before we left the park I'm in love with.

To go to a baseball field, which Anne loves, hence the double hitter title. 

All in is good times when we hang out. If nothing else we can laugh at ourselves.

Peace out!!! 

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