Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Reasons I Could Never Work in a Bakery

It's my sister's birthday tomorrow. 
Happy Birthday Sis!!! 

Because anytime I end up making something she ends up helping me I decided to get her birthday desserts from Whole Foods bakery. 
Have you ever tried things from their bakery?
 If not you need to. 

I'm not going to suggest anything because I'm positive everything they have is super fabulous. 

As I was eating one of their fabulous chocolate creations and letting the rich chocolate melt in my mouth the thought "I need to work there" crossed my mind. Then as I swallowed the last little morsel I had to change that thought to "I could never work in a bakery." 

There are many reasons for this and since I'm contemplating going back for another bite of chocolate or when I'm going to be near Whole Foods again I decided to share them.

1. I have this weird aversion to working with food in general. I like cooking and eating. I like cooking for friends but mass production weirds me out. 

2. If I worked in a bakery I would constantly want to taste something, lick something, or accidentally mess something up so I could eat it. (is that even allowed?)

3. I would gain a billion pounds because I would have to bring things home every day or eat them on my lunch. I have no will power.

4. If I worked at the bakery that means I would know how to make all those dessert to perfection at home. Do you KNOW what that even means??!!

5. I love chocolate too much to not taste everything that has chocolate in it. Remember no will power....

If you are not yet inspired to go to a Whole Foods bakery or another bakery near you I'm very sorry. 
And at this moment I'm thankful Whole Foods isn't any closer than it already is. 

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