Friday, March 16, 2012

Making Memories and Capturing the Little Things

The past couple weeks have been busy and fun. 

Here's a little photo blog of it all. 

Party City has so much great and fun stuff! I'm determined to convince Anne to have masks at her wedding in some way! Cause let me tell you we look fab in masks! 
(Please note the word fab may possibly be used a lot in this post)

Then we decided big hats are the new big thing and we look fab in them! 
Wednesday night shopping break! 

On Saturday I was shopping with Anne again and we had a mission. Find amazing shoes to go with my dress for her wedding reception. (There are very limited shoe stores when you are looking for specific types of shoes, in a specific price range, in specific colors, and specific heel heights) We did find some at the end of the day at TJ Maxx. Gorgeous coral color! But I'm still keeping my eyes open for the blue color I really want. 

In the shoe mission we did stumble upon an awesome clearance sale which ended in riding boots for $14. Gosh, I love clearance!!! (p.s. they're from sears!)

Fab, just fab. 

We found more big and fab hats. Which has inspired me to add going to the Kentucky Derby in a big fab hat on my bucket list.  (After some well placed suggestions by friends)

Princess Bride reference anyone?

No seriously. I've decided I hate daylight savings time, at least the part where I lose an hour. It through me off so bad this week. 

I got to hang with my nephews one night this week and we made ourselves super hero masks. (I have a thing for masks apparently) It was lots of fun and we were fab. 
Jayden said "We all batman's!" As Jimmy revealed his identity. 

I think the masks were a success. I know I loved them. 

Such cute little guys. 
They will be super hero's one day. 
I just know it! 

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