Saturday, March 17, 2012

Not just table ware

I love shopping at Target. 
I think they have great deals, great designers, and awesome clearance. 

One of the things I love is their ever changing plastic table ware sets. It changes every season, is very reasonably priced, and is always fun colors. 

I've already used some plates from target as art around Christmas time. You can look at that post here

But back to what I just got. 

Because I love their table ware I always glance at it if I'm wandering the store and not a specific mission. They had some awesome new modern patterns that I decided I could incorporate in my room. 

I like the blue and black mix in this pattern. 

There was a chevron patter but it had 3 colors in it and it just didn't flow for me. 

First I started out with just one tumbler but had to go back for a second.

I filled one with whole coffee beans so I could hold up my make-up brushes. 
Coffee beans add texture and a fabulous smell. 
If you like the smell of coffee that is...

The second tumbler got filled with Q-tips. 
Awesome right? 
I have a vanity in my room and the tumblers are now sitting there. 

It keeps everything contained and adds a tiny bit of color to my dark brown shelf and dark brown edged mirror. (Remember everything used to brown....)

I used the plate to hold a bunch of random jewelry pieces and flowers.
It displays my rings and some brooches so I don't have to dig for them.

It makes me feel organized. 

I love when you can find different uses for things. 
But I will one day actually use Targets plastic table ware on a table to eat off. 

But not the other plate I bought yesterday..........

Ya I could have a plate obsession..... :)

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