Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Favorite Christmas Children's Book

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December 21, 2011 Features It's Not Over til You Quit 

Do you have a favorite Christmas book? Has it changed since you were little? The books I read at Christmas have changed but I still love the idea of have specific books for Christmas. Right now my favorite Christmas book to read with my nephews is the Hawaiian version of the night before Christmas. It's nice to bring that piece of my childhood alive when I live so far away and remember reading books about snowy Christmas' on Christmas eve wishing I could experience that! 

So come with me and experience Wuz da Nite Befo' A Pidgin Christmas Story in Hawaii, written by Margaret Steele and illustrated by Roy Chang.

The story starts out at a house on the beach on Christmas eve. 

This year, Jayden doesn't like to sit still to read anything! (He had to be bribed to take these pictures) I think part of the reason he won't sit to read this is cause I pulled it out beginning of November....and we read it quite a few times then...but he's 3, who knows! 

I started reading the book 3 times before we even got to turn a page. All in all I think it took us 20 minutes to read through this rather short book. I'll show you why...

First they had to switch places

Then I'm not sure what happened...

Pulling Jayden back from crawling away...

I couldn't just snap a couple pictures pretending to read the book, we HAD to read the whole book. 

Jimmy liked this part....

Finally done! Really, it's a great book! 

Santa leaves all the gifts under the coconut tree. And in the corner is dad with a musibi (delish Hawaii snack) watching in awe.

And as Santa flies away on his surf board pulled by his 8 tiny sea horses he yells "Merry Christmas da kine, Aloha Hawa'i"!" (And this Santa has a little bit of an oriental look) 

And that is my absolute favorite children's Christmas book! I laugh to myself when I read this book, thinking about how many times I heard growing up from people that it isn't Christmas without snow. I must tell you though I always knew when it was Christmas even though there wasn't a chill in the air or even a chance of snow! 

So often I think we, especially as adults, forget what Christmas is all about. That it's not about snow, what kind of cookies you make, where you go, what you get, or even what you give. Christmas is a time to celebrate the love, hope, and joy of Jesus birth. Bask in it. Because without that you wouldn't be getting your fabulous holiday time. 

Make sure this year when you're reading Christmas books, baking cookies, and running around like crazy since there are only 3 days until Christmas, that you don't forget to stop and share the love of this holiday with someone around you. If you aren't where it normally feels like Christmas, overcome it. Find that peace and hope for a beautiful day no matter what. And always always remember that there is someone suffering a less perfect holiday than you. Be it that they have a loved one in a war zone, a family member in the hospital, or no where to live at all. 

Mele Kalikimaka! 
Merry Christmas to you! 
And may the joy of this season surround you to the fullest. 


  1. I love your tree. Very cute kids. Thanks for participating in the Blog share. I am your newest follower from the Blog Share. Stop by for some frugal living tips and a follow back.

  2. Our four daughters are all grown up but we still read 'Twas the Night Before Christmas every year. Our favorite is the Gullah Night Before Christmas since we are in the low-country of SC where the Gullah dialect used to be prevalent. It's all but died out now. Merry Christmas!