Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Love via Pinterest

I know it's now even Christmas in 2011 yet but I have things that I know I want to try for Christmas next year! Does that make me bad? Over obsessed with Christmas? Or anything crazy like that? Hmm? I didn't think so.

Okay, so this isn't a project but I LOVE it! Doesn't this make you want to get a Christmas present from under the tree and shake it! 

From, go to my Christmas on board on pinterest for direct link.

I want to print these old pieces of sheet music out, stain them with coffee, and somehow hang them. I haven't thought it completely through yet but I'm gonna be figure something fabulous out. 

Ok, I'm not a mommy. But I'm an Auntie and I'm a darn cool Auntie! Plus I live with my nephews and next year they should both be old enough to really enjoy this! I just gotta clear it by the mommy first!

I think these would be fun Christmas gifts next year. With a couple of my own twists! 

So now you have some things to put in a folder and plan for next year already! I just saved you half the battle! 

Yaay me! 

No seriously, this is good! 

Merry Christmas!!! 

Only 2 more days!! (Depending on how you count!)

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