Thursday, December 29, 2011

Quote of the Day

I am totally making this part of my 2012 plan! I want to do things! I want to be active, explore, have fun, and NOT feel like I'm at home all the time. Oh, I have a plan coming!!! 

I've been thinking about plans a lot lately. Not just for New Years resolutions but in general. How often do our so called plans never actually happen?  If you're like me they fall through quite a bit. I've found, for me, one of the biggest problems is the doing doesn't happen. It's all plan, talk, strategize, and organize while we completely and utterly miss the most important part! 

See the bold, all caps, the underline. That means it's important. 

So now I challenge you, with your next plan to not only just plan but to do things. Make your plan happen and surprise everyone! 

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