Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Weekend Fun

Here are a few highlights from Christmas weekend well plus a few days before! 

My pile of jingling fun. I wore it all to work every day last week. 

This is my "I still be jinglin" face. (and I got a haircut that I love)

This was my exciting coffee on Friday? Maybe Thursday...I added chocolate chunks and whipped cream. (I had to eat bad since I gotta be good starting tomorrow.)

These are most of my presents all wrapped and pretty. Well pretty from far away. I'm lacking wrapping skills. 

My sister's Christmas wreath. 

It's the Eve of Christmas Eve excitement! 

The snow we woke up to on Christmas Eve that we weren't supposed to get. Sadly it melted by the afternoon. 

Jimmy on Christmas eve. Isn't he adorable with cookie crumbs on his face! 

Santa came during nap time! 

It was a good Christmas! 

Dixie Lou Christmas night. I think she was sad santa didn't bring her anything.

Jay-man and I on our way to dinner at Outback tonight! 

So that was my Christmas fun. Well, what I photographed on my phone! I will admit I'm kinda sad it's over though.... All the fuss, shopping, craziness, and business for it to be done so fast. I think Christmas should become a mandatory 2 day holiday. 

Don't you agree? 

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