Monday, December 12, 2011

Fun Times via Instagram

I know I've mentioned that I love Instragram. One of the best things is that with Instagram I can give you a bunch of photos in one post about a bunch of different things.

Okay, so I could do that with any photos but at least with Instagram they look super cool. 

Last Saturday I went and saw Handel's Messiah performed live. It was amazing. Goose bump worthy, and totally exhilarating. I don't know how any one could hear the words, music, and life of those songs and not know how great, true, and magnificent God is. AMAZING. 

This is what I came downstairs to late one night. I flip on the dining room light and see this out of the corner of my eye. Seriously startling....and kinda deja vu  huh? 

Then my fabulous friend Anne bought me this to die for ring! Yes, it jingles, it's sparkly, and I love it tons! 

Then this Saturday I went shopping. I went to finish getting my Christmas gifts and ended up getting a few things for myself. These boots were on clearance for $20. I love them! Comfortable and perfect for the cold weather before the snow comes. 

And while I was looking for boots my sister talked me into getting myself these heels. They are actually quite comfortable. I feel like I scored! 

Then after shopping we all went out to eat at Bennigans. Yumm!!! Here you see sweet potato fries and a Turkey O'Toole. I ate almost all of it! It's very good Bennigan's isn't closure to us..... 

And that is my last week in Instagram, at least the really fun parts! 

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