Saturday, September 3, 2011

Linen Starched Flower

Well, mine is kinda starched. I saw a tutorial on one of the blogs I follow that I knew I must try! It is called the Starched Flower and can be found here. I think they are very pretty and I have some many things I want to try them with! So last week when I was suffering from that cursed cold I sat down and made one. Once again I did not take pictures during the process. (I really need to work on that!)  But I took a picture of the finished product! A picture of me wearing the finished product but I zoomed in so you don't see me you just see the flower. 
There it is! It doesn't look as nice as the one from the tutorial. I didn't starch my linen enough and I don't think I placed my petals correctly. But I still like it and that's what matters right? Right. I've worn it quite a few times. I wore it casually while I was taking pictures for my sister and her family at the park, I wore it with a white sundress I have to a baby shower, and I wore it too work with a white shirt, gray skirt, and some cute yellow flats. And no, I have no pictures of any of those outfits. Well the one from Saturday yes but it's not as cute as the others. 
 Okay, it is cute and we are absolutely adorable. 

But back to making the flower. I didn't have any linen on hand so I stopped at the Walmart with a fabric section and picked up 1/4 yard of linen. I got some in navy blue and this cool green but I think the green actually turned out to be upholstery fabric or something. It has this plastic on the back and I don't think it will work for flowers but I have some other ideas. It was really cheap to make though. The fabric was less than a dollar, the template was free, and I already had a glue gun. If you like the look of wearing flowers on your clothes or in your hair you should really try this! :) Oh I forgot I did buy some pins for $2. (A pack of 75 maybe)  

Something else to mention before I wrap it up. I wore the flower on Sunday to church (I don't think I mentioned that in my list of outfits) and one of the teen girls asked if my shirt was from Hollister. I said no (because I won't pay their prices) and she said oh, well they have a shirt with a flower like yours. I thought that was pretty cool! 

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