Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hair Fiasco 101

Here is your step by step instructions on how to handle things when you walk out of a salon with your hair looking like this.
Please notice the neon red highlights that were NOT what I requested

1rst  You must have someone you can call immediately! As soon as you get in the car to drive to Walmart to pick out a box color. Someone like my sister, who I called, that will listen as you sob out "I hate it! I look like a wannabe goth kid!" (Please note I usually NEVER cry over my hair! ever) Someone who says  "It can't be that bad." And when you sob again insisting that it is THAT bad says okay if you aren't going to have HER (the one who messed it up) fix it we can do a box color. 

2nd   You must try to stay calm and NOT hate every single person in Walmart with you. You know, the ones who block the lanes, walk really really slow, or take up an entire aisle, or those other people you are just miffed at because you are sooo upset about your HORRID hair color. 

3rd   You must have friends who you can text. One you can just vent at who just says it can't be that bad. You can make it work and be encouraging while you are having a mini break down. Another who knows a lot about dyeing hair and can give you tips. 

4th  You must have another person, preferably the same person as step one, actually agree with you about how horrible your hair really is and that yes it does look like a wannabe goth kid. Like, my sister who walked in the house saw my hair grimaced and said, "Oh." Exactly! Oh.... 

5th   And lastly, if you aren't going to trust any single one of the stylists in the salon you were just in because you are that upset you have to figure out how to fix it yourself. Talk to your friend who knows about dyeing (and I now somewhat fit into that category), use google, and find the box color dark enough to cover neon red enough to be passable. Like this....

You can still see the red but it is far far better than neon. 

So there you have it, hair fiasco 101. Or at least this is how I handled my hair fiasco.  You may have/or will handle yours differently. But I do hope you never have a hair fiasco! Even though then we could relate and all that jazz! Just to add to my story a little I asked for dark brown highlights. This color was supposed to be brown with a hint of red. I was never asked if I liked the color once my hair was washed, my hair was barely cut, and it was not styled. Needless to say I will not be going back.

The color I covered it with is Loreal iced chocolate and I'm just starting to get used to having my hair so dark. Last night was the first time I looked in the mirror without doing a double take. lol

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