Sunday, September 11, 2011

2 down, countless to go!

I finished two projects tonight! Well I think I could claim three but that's debatable. I feel accomplished! I also finished all three for $12.00. I will be showing you one of the finished projects tomorrow. I can't show you both since one is a Christmas gift. So, you understand why I must keep that under wraps until after the gift has been unwrapped. All I can say is it's AWESOME! 

While I was working on these projects you'll never guess what I found on Tv to watch! 
Love it! Even if it's a little corny! I'm watching the second one too.

And the last thing I want to show you tonight is a picture I found on my phone that a close friend had sent to me. It's blurry because she took it from her car. But this is a real road sign in Arizona. 
Hahaha! Now that we all know red means stop we can move on in life. That's all folks! And if you live in AZ or drive through be careful at all red lights just in case someone isn't sure! 

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