Monday, September 12, 2011

Paint Sample Wall Art

How cool does that sound?! I don't really know what inspired this project. It could be all the commercials for whichever paint store, that I'm blanking on the name. You know the one where everything is made out of their paint sample cards. Or it could be when my sister brought home a bunch of paint sample cards to get my opinion. Either of those. 

Here is what I started with. Paint sample cards from Glidden and Better Homes found at Walmart. They are free. Which is the best price! 
These are the colors I chose. I wanted something bright while adding in the gray to tie it in with my comforter.  Then I rearranged them on my canvas to find which way looked best. 

 These pictures were taken with my iphone and I'm apologizing now for the horrible horrible lighting in my room. 

I chose the second arrangement. The first one was just too busy. After making that decision, I got out my handy dandy spray adhesive (which I may have gotten all over my hands or one hand, maybe) and mod podge. Ok, I'll admit it was my first time using mod podge but I figured it out okay. I started spraying the backs of my cards and arranging them on my canvas. I used my previous picture to remember the placement and got them all glued on.

Then I wiped mod podge all over the cards.

Which looks white and scary but I had already read that on another blog so I wasn't scared. Much.... I let it dry overnight and then hung them up this evening. And you will only be getting a picture of one. They frame my window which is in sad lack of window treatments that I am ashamed to photograph for you. When it is all put together you will see a nice picture, taken during the day with hopefully some natural light.

The finished product!
Once again pretty bad lighting but overall I think it looks pretty neat! You can see the strokes from the mod podge being applied but that brings character!

Overall this project cost me $5 and I'm not even positive on that price!  I used some canvas art I had previously purchased for my bland brown room. I don't think I have a picture of them but trust me they were brown and tan, they NEEDED to be recovered! On another blog they painted their wood or canvas so you didn't see the other color. I just left it. It's only noticeable if you are right up on it.

And I might have forgotten...or been too impatient....but only maybe....

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