Friday, September 23, 2011

Rockin' Friday

Do you have a song that just makes any day rockin? One that has phrases in it that just makes you feel better and gives you a little ego boost if you sing them?

I do. 

I'm not going to share a video, cause honestly I'm too lazy to go pull one. And I don't know how to add a play list little thing so I will tell you the title and my favorite lines and you can go look it up if you so desire. 

It's the song Extraordinary by Liz Phair. I heard if in the movie Raising Hope in high school and loved it. My ego boostin lines are "I am extraordinary if you ever get to know me..." and "average everyday sane psycho..." Every time I hear those lines and sing them I smile, feel better, and think that's me. 

So to end my somewhat frustrating work week I rocked to Liz Phair Extraordinary. I felt better immediately. 

Happy Friday, even if it is the end of it! 

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