Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A 2 left shoe day

That's what my Monday was. (I know I'm posting this on Tuesday.) I decided to wear slippers (that's local Hawaiian for flip flops) to work since it was pouring rain. I brought my work shoes in a seperate bag. Well I thought I did. I got to work and discovered I had two different color brown shoes. At first I was like hey that's not so bad, I'll be ghetto, no big deal. Until I saw that they were both left shoes.

Yep, a two left shoe day. Thankfully my amazing co-worker keeps a spare set of shoes at work that I was able to wear. 

Hope you don't ever have a 2 left shoe day! 

P.S. these aren't my shoes, I was too annoyed at the time to photograph my humiliation! 

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