Friday, October 14, 2011

Outfits of the Week

So kinda like a what i wore wednesday post but not. If and I mean IF I have fun, different, wear something I made outfit day I plan on posting it. But I wear a lot of the same things working in an office with a dress code so I'm always frustrated with my clothes. This week though I had a "fun" outfit that I had to take a picture of. But I did the whole self photo thing and it didn't work out that well....then I asked my sister but I really don't photograph well at 7am in the morning....or 6ish am like the second picture. 

White shirt: stolen from my sister
Red Polka dot skirt: Given to me from my sister
Grey Fabric flower: Made by me
(horrid pic, I know. Next time I will try the whole take a picture in the mirror thing)

This picture was taken this morning. I had to wake up extra early and I wasn't happy. (If you couldn't tell)
But it's another braid ! Fun, simple, and it didn't make me look 14 yrs old. 

Man, I really need to learn how to braid....

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