Saturday, October 22, 2011

No Heat Curls DIY

How many of you straight hair ladies wish for curls? I know I do. Ya know ones that are easy, don't possibly have me burning myself, sleeping completely funky, or smelling like a perm for a couple of days.  I hope I'm not the only one! In some Internet surfing a few months back my sister found this awesome tutorial. I wanted to try it immediately but my hair was much too short. I thought about it this week and decided to try it out and I was very please with the results. You can find the tutorial here or here

And here are my pictures from trying this. Please be warned we are about to get very real in these pictures. Like, no make-up, shiny face from just washing, ratty pajama tank, etc. It don't get much realler than that. 

All rolled up. (P.S. I played with photo settings as to not shock you.)

The next morning when I first pulled out the elastic band.

My I woke up at 6 am in case this didn't work out smile.

Not huge curls because of my length and layers but enough wave to add some flavor to what I can do with my hair. 


  1. The video in your link is marked private! Do you have another one that shows how to do this?!

  2. I can't pull up the video anymore either. I know the youtube channel was called the lipstick diaries. I'm not sure what the video was exactly called but I would assume it's something similar to no heat curls, or old fashioned curls. I will see if I can find a different tutorial.

  3. I added a new link that is similar. Hope this one works!