Sunday, October 23, 2011

Instagram fall love

Have I mentioned Instagram before? Pretty sure I have....I love it. I could get addicted if my phone wasn't so slow. So that means I'll be addicted by the end of next week when I get a new phone. You've been warned. I also love fall. The colors, smells, the chill in the air, the changing leaves. So I decided to Instagram my fall love of the week. Oh and my totally awesome hairstyle today courtesy of my sister.
This is an imprint of a leaf on a metal chair we have sitting in our back yard. I have no idea how it got like that but it's pretty cool. Ya?

Oh ya, this isn't from Instagram. This is from Pinterest (it's on my Christmas board) and I am in love. I want one for my room! 

My fall colors for Friday and probably my favorite outfit of the week. Gotta love my Orange fall coat! And the fabric flower I made from my leftover duvet material.

My Instagram photo of my hair today. Front view with my scarf. It was colorful.

Non Instagram photo of the back of my hair. Doesn't that look totally awesome? I don't know what my sister did I just hope I can do that myself to some extent at a later date. And yes I know, I'm 23 years old and my older sister still does my hair. But really, I'm hair challenged. I swear! 

Did you know that the blogger spell check does not like the words instagram or pinterest. Apparently they haven't been added to the dictionary yet. 

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