Sunday, October 2, 2011

Initial Art

I wasn't going to post this on my blog until after Christmas because I wasn't going to tell or show my sister until then. But...I caved and told her, got her opinion, and already showed her the finished product. Therefore, I can show you.

I had these canvases from a thrift store for $3 maybe? I don't remember. But I didn't want them, had originally planned to cover them with fabric but changed my mind. 

Then I spray painted them black. I should have moved them inside to dry but I didn't so they got a little rough. 

After they dried I went to Michael's to find the letters for each of my nephew's initials. I couldn't find stencils but there were would letters for about $1. But I didn't take a picture of those. I also picked up some scrapbook paper in colors my sister liked for their room. 

I arranged the letters on my canvas then used spray adhesive (which is still all over my hands) to glue the letters to the canvas. 

Like my green side table? 

I let the glue dry then modge podged all over the canvas. Which I got too much in one spot so we shall see how that looks in the morning. And I have a confession, I'm not totally sure what modge podge does. I mean I have a general idea and know that other real and more intense crafters use it all the time. But that is the extent of my knowledge. I should probably do some research huh? 

Overall I like them a lot. I might do something for the boys room with the last 2 canvases but I don't have the stencils for that yet. Even though my adorable nephews totally won't care about these when they open them at Christmas I know my sister will like hanging them! My goal this year is to give as many crafted gifts that I can. 

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