Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Have you noticed the new hair trend? The braid thing? 
Like this girl...Lauren Conrad? I'm not positive. 

Or the more up do's and intricate looks with braids. I would put in pictures but my internet hates me so it's not going to happen. Anyways, braids. My sister saw a segment on some morning talk show. (No clue which one) And there are salons in New York that have braid bars. It's this big thing and girls are getting these braids put in and keeping them in for a few days. So she decided we needed to be hip and braided my hair last night.  (I can't braid, I seriously never learned, but I think that might become a new 2012 goal.) 

Oh ya braids....I like it. Here is a side view and I am sleeping with a scarf covering my hair tonight (did the same last night) to see if they will last 2 days. My hair is fine and whispery so not sure what the morning will bring. 

Have you caught into the braid phase? If not, you should really try it and change it up! I like to change it up. 

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