Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Storybook Life

Do you have a favorite book, story, or fairytale? One that you will read over and over again then daydream about wishing your life was like that? Or are you someone that loves reading fiction (like me)  and think about how fun it would be if your life was like that story. 

I read for the escape it offers. The more I have going on in my life, the more stress I feel, or the more upset I am the more I read. It lets me escape to different worlds, experience different things, and in a sense "live" someone elses life.

I had a conversation with my work buddy today that made me think about that though. I like to say "how nice it would be or how I want that storybook situation/life." Yes, I think we all want that in our lives but it rarely if ever happens. But I wonder if I focus so much on wanting my storybook life that I forget that there is a reality much different. Or I forget to allow for reality. (Does that make sense to you?)  I or we get an idea in our mind and nothing is okay until it all fits into place. I think sometimes women do this even more because of our romantic sides and dream of being the "princess".  

I need to remember that I'm most likely not going to get my perfect storybook life. While I'm not going to settle for anything less that fantastic I need to make sure I don't forget about the reality around me. I'm not sure if all of this made sense but I have a lot on my mind and sometimes the thoughts within don't flow very well into words for me. 

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