Thursday, August 4, 2011

Do you sew?

I sew, kinda. I can do buttons, somewhat fix a hem, I definitely can use the adhesive tape for  fixing hems to. (You know, the iron on stuff.)  My sister and I have been using a sewing machine to make my duvet. It's an embroidery machine. Very high tech and we have no instruction manual. It's been very interesting trying to figure out how to work it. Frustrating as well.

Now back to my do you sew question. Do you sew? I think I want to learn. I say think because I've actually taken a couple sewing classes in high school, my mom taught me some as well. But I don't really remember much. I also have little patience. all my recent blog stalking I have found a bunch a sewing tutorials for clothes. When I say clothes I mean cute, adorable, fashionable clothes that would probably cost quite a bit of money in a store. Mind you all the tutorials look pretty easy but I thought my duvet looked easy too.  Haha.

My plan for now is to look for some fabric and things to re-purpose within my own closet. I shall for sure let you know how it goes!

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