Monday, February 20, 2012

A Weekend of Sweets

This was a very busy weekend. 

My sister and I hosted a baby shower this weekend. It involved crafting and lots of sweets. 

I'll share more about that later though. 

In general I had a lot of fabulous sweets this weekend. (seriously I had a sweet problem)

First, I had cannoli on Friday.
No I did not eat all of those. I just had one. I get my cannoli from a local italian bakery. This particular bakery makes the best cannoli I've ever tasted and the mini chocolate chips on the end just make it that much better. 
Really you should be jealous you can't eat these.....

Saturday we ate lunch at the Great Traverse Pie Company. 
This is their Strawberry Rhubarb Crumb pie. It was delicious. 
Best pie I've had in quite a while. 
I took one bite and said "this is picture worthy fantastic." My sister took one bite and said this is "Not going to share with the kids fantastic." And she didn't share with the kids...

We made cake pops for the baby shower. I broke this one. 
If you haven't ever had a cake pop you are missing something very important. 
I say this after having cake pops for the first time this weekend. 
Trust me. 

Then last night I had dark chocolate covered pretzels just because I could. 

I need to stop with the sweets. 

I mean really need to cut back. 

That probably means I should stop watching food network shows and pinning dessert recipes on pinterest. 

Hmmm....or just try to have some will power. 

Happy sweets everyone! 

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