Sunday, May 6, 2012

Shellac Manicure Review

Okay, I'm really behind on my update. I got busy, maybe lazy. 
I've had the shellac off for 2 weeks now. 

To remind you here is Day 1 of my shellac manicure.

I had some chips that we talked about here. I ended up doing some touch ups for my friends reception and then just waited until more chips came. I ended up just peeling most of the shellac off after a rather long morning meeting at work. I noticed it and then couldn't let it go. I don't think that's exactly how you're supposed to do it. I had a 2 nails that I used acetone on to get the polish off. 

My nails had a dry look to them after taking the polish off but the didn't peel or crack. They actually felt stiffer than normal which I liked. All around I probably won't do shellac a lot but if I specifically wanted to get my nails done for multiple events close to each other I would consider doing it again.

I realized the day after I took my shellac off that the strengthening and conditioning polish I did own was over 2 years old and figured that should be updated. I asked around and had quite a few people recommend the Essie brand for nail strengthening. 

It's a light pink color that dries clear. I like it. It dries quickly and has a nice shine. It was always really smooth to put on. 

I got some nail polish from my friend for my birthday. I call it grown up glitter polish. I put it on my toes yesterday afternoon and then had to do my fingers as well.
It's just that fun.
Isn't it fun?!?! It's Spoiled by Wet N Wild. I know it was purchased at CVS but I personally haven't seen it anywhere else yet.

I has blue and silver flecks in it. My friend got herself a bottle as well but in champagne colors. 
I may have to see if they have a pink. 
Don't you agree it's glitter for adults? 

Seriously people. My nails haven't had this much color and fun on them since who knows when! 
I like it. 

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