Friday, May 4, 2012

Cupcake Liner Pom Pom

I love hanging lanterns but I don't always know where to find them. I did luck out and find some small lanterns at the dollar aisle in Michaels but I wanted something with some more texture to hang up as well. I was browsing through Pinterest and found this great tutorial. I just changed a couple things to make it easier for what I had on hand. 

I didn't want to spend money on styrofoam balls so after a brilliant idea from my sister we decided to improvise. We got a bunch of newspaper and crumpled it together to make our own balls. Then to keep it together I also put masking tape around parts. 

It didn't have to be perfect and since it was newspaper I knew I would be able to put stick pins through it. 
Keeping with the pink and yellow theme I found packages of pink and yellow cupcake liners at Michaels for $2. (I got some great deals for this project!)

These are great colors together!
Since I was using newspaper I only used pins to hold the liners in place not pins and hot glue. If I pulled too hard or packed the liners too close I tore some out but overall it worked fine. 

You pin on the liners and just go around your entire ball. Once you get them mostly filled up you will be able to tell if you like your liners tight or looser. I didn't really pinch the bottom of my liners when I pinned them on. As I had less room I did but I didn't do it every time.

Aren't they fun? I made 2 yellow and 2 pink with some liners left over. 
To hang them we took some light pink yarn we already had and pinned it in.

 I think they are lots of fun and still wish I had a niece to hang these in her room. If you want them to last a long time or if they would be in reach of children I would use styrofoam balls and hot glue. 

Pretty colors. I think I may have to incorporate them into my room somehow. 

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