Saturday, May 5, 2012

Paint Sample Garland

I love all the things you can do with paint sample cards. I think it's so creative and a great way to incorporate lots of color. I've used paint samples before here. 

I got the idea for making garland with paint samples through Pinterest, of course. Go here for the link.
Since it was for a baby shower I didn't want to do hear cut-outs but knew that you get so many other cut outs in the scrap booking section at Michaels. 

Of course I didn't take a picture of they cut out tool I bought. But they were out of all the in-between sizes in regular circles so I got one with scalloped edges. Then to fit with our pink and yellow theme we chose 2 pinks and 2 yellows in paint samples at Home Depot. I didn't get the long skinny strips with multiple colors. I got one color cards.
These aren't all the colors I chose since of course I forgot to take a picture until after I was done doing the cut outs. But that's how I like to do my tutorials apparently.

Here are the paint samples after I had done all my cut outs. I got 6 circles per card roughly. 

And the cut out circles themselves. I didn't count how many cards I had or how many circles I got I tried to get about the same amount of cards and cut outs of all colors.

The yellow cut outs. You can see in this picture that the back of the card had different pictures on the back. Our original plan was to hang the garland from the ceiling so we decided to put the circles back to back so it was the same color on both sides.

To make the garland you get some yarn and hot glue the circles onto the yarn. Then for our garland we turned it over and put circles on the opposite side as well. You follow me? 
We just eyed the length of yarn we wanted and chose to do a pattern of colors for our garland. 

We had our baby shower in our church foyer and once there decided against hanging the garland from the ceiling. We hung up some white tablecloths over the double doors into the auditorium and then the garland over it. It made a nice backdrop for the gift table.

I really loved the look of this garland and want to make more for other parties that may come. It was nice pops of color and texture but so simple to make. And I mean really, who doesn't love the look of polka dots! 

The back drop with the pom poms. 

The entire table and back drop. 

I still have the garland and have no clue what I'm going to do with it. Anyone have a little girls room they want to hang it in? It doesn't exactly go with my decorations at the moment. 

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