Sunday, March 27, 2011

And time just flys by!

I have been bad about posting recently. Oops! I was getting ready for a vacation and then went on vacation. I met up with all my family in Texas. None of us are from there but we have a family friend there. It was a good week overall. I went SHOPPING!!! I got new perfume, two new purses, some clothes, and a new winter coat. They were all amazing deals!! Here is a picture I took at a western shop there. I did not bring home a cowboy hat. Maybe next time!

It was so nice to be in nice warm weather and it's a little depressing that it's still so chilly here at home. Sigh...come on Michigan, where is our spring? Now that I'm back I really want to get into redecorating my room. I have some ideas and I need to just decide what direction I want to go. I just like it all! Somebody help!!!

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