Monday, March 14, 2011

Oh it's just that good!!!!

Remember that restaurant I went to last week? Where I got that amazing dessert? Well, I said I was going to recreate it and I did! It is called a Cookie Crisp and here is how you make it. It is a bit of work if you are just making one but trust me it is worth it!

You will need the ingredients for your favorite cookie dough, large flour tortillas, and oil (to heat). It would probably work better if your cookie recipe calls for crisco rather than butter. Start heating enough oil to fry something the size of a burrito. I just eyed my oil so I can't tell you any measurements. Sorry!

Step one: Make your cookie dough
Step two: Put dough in the middle of flour tortilla then fold tortilla so both ends are closed. It will look like a burrito. I could have put less dough in my tortilla.
Step three: With a long tongs put your "burrito" in your now hot oil. You will need to hold the burrito shut until it starts to get crispy. Also note, you don't want your oil to be boiling. I don't have an oil thermometer and my oil was boiling so I can't give you a temperature. I know I'm not doing this well at all! 
Step four: Once your "burrito" is brown and crispy all over you can take it out of the oil. Dab the oil off and place on your serving plate. I sprinkled cinnamon sugar or cinnamon on top.
Step five: Cut your cookie crisp in half and enjoy! You can serve it with French Vanilla ice cream drizzled with chocolate.
Doesn't that just look so good!! Like I said I had a little too much dough in my tortilla and my oil was too hot so not all my dough melted because I had to take it out too soon. The dough should be pretty melted when you cut it in half. The next time I make this I want to sprinkle cinnamon on top of the dough before I fold the tortilla. I think it will add great flavor!

Hope some of you get to try this and love it as much as I do! If you are dieting maybe not a good idea unless you are cheating slightly and sharing it!

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  1. I'm guessing that you would want your oil temperature to be around 350-375 degrees. I was frying fritters the other day, and the recipe called for the oil to be at 375. Thankfully my Aunt has a food thermometer. I think i may have to try this idea!!!