Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Spa-liscious and a night out!

I made a coffee scrub this weekend and it was super easy! The recipe I found called for 2 cups of ground coffee (any kind), 1/2 cup sugar, 1 tablespoon carrier oil (jojoba, almond, olive), vanilla extract, and I put in a few drops of Vitamin E oil. I got all the ingredients together then tweeked it until it was what I wanted.
The container I had wasn't that big so I poured in 1 1/2 cups of coffee grounds and 1/4 cup sugar. I mixed that together and then added the oil. (I used almond) I used 2 1/2 tablespoons of oil and then added 1 tablespoon of vanilla extract to give it a sweeter smell. If you have Vitamin E oil or tablets you can add some in as well. (Vitamin E is a preservative) I should have mixed it all in a larger bowl then poured it into my container but I wasn't thinking clearly so I made a little bit of a mess. My end result looked like this!
I used it Sunday night and there were things I liked and didn't like. Pros: it smells amazing and the steam of a hot shower just helps that, it feels great on your skin, exfoliates but doesn't scratch. Cons: It is very MESSY, if you have slow drainage (like me) or a hair catcher (like me) you will have to clean the grounds off the bottom of the tub some, and I could have added more oil or honey to make the grounds stick better.

That was over the weekend but last night I went out to dinner and a movie with a friend from work. We tried a new restaurant and LOVED it. Aubree's Pizzeria and Tavern, it was a great atmosphere, good service, and the food was amazing! We split a calzone with Italian sausage and pepperoni. I wasn't that hungry but I ate my entire half. The calzone had garlic and Parmesan cheese brushed on top. (mmmmm) Then we split a dessert and I am going to figure out how to make this dessert if it's the last thing I do! It's called a cookie crisp. The description in their menu was this, "Creamy cookie dough rolled in a flour tortilla and fried. Served with cinnamon crumb ice cream drizzled with chocolate." It was amazing! I think I had a relationship with my food last night! (just kidding) I wish Aubree's wasn't a local restaurant so I could have everyone go there! I plan to try to recreate the dessert this weekend and I will so let you know how it turns out! (Keep your fingers crossed for me!)

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