Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Thought filled Tuesday

"You can only account for the actions and decisions you yourself make in life. I hope that you have a clear conscience with everything you've done." -Chelsie Jean

These wonderful words of wisdom are from a friend of mine. The first time I read this I immediately thought yes! ______ needs to hear this. When I went back to write it down I realized maybe I should look at it for myself first.

So often we forget to apply things to our own lives. (Well, at least I seem to.) I wonder if we went after ourselves with the same fervor we go after those around us or ones that have hurt us what kind of changes we would see in our own lives.


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  2. :)

    You're right.. as much as we have people in our lives that need to read it, sometimes we need to take another look at it ourselves! :)