Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Instagram Catch-Up

I haven't posted in awhile and it was a busy week/weekend. 
But I did document it all with Instagram. 

Have you seen these in your grocery store. I know carmel dip is more common but if you find these with the cinnamon dip get them. So delicious and only 60 calories or maybe 90 I had to many fun snack packs this week. 

Then my sister ruined my plans to eat healthy and good all week by bringing me a mini vanilla creme brûlée. It was seriously delicious and I must must learn how to make this at home. Do you know that means a torch? That would be fun. :D

Did you know Starbucks had this deal on their bags?? I didn't until this week. I have missed out on so many free coffees. Sad sad times....

We had a party at work this week. One of my coworkers always gets this certain spinach artichoke dip from Costco. It is amazing, delicious, and I love love love it!!! I ate way to much of it to be perfectly honest. 

Apparently a lot of this week focused on food....
I had taco bell on Friday for the first time in quite a while. It wasn't great but I still love the sauce packets.

Saturday it was all about Team Bride. (Awesome cup and we had bracelets!!!) My lovely friend Anne is getting hitched in Vegas this week so we had a spa day Saturday morning that involved manicures and pedicures. So lovely....

I haven't had color on my finger nails in years. This was my first shellac manicure and so far I really really like it. The color isn't black like it looks in the picture. It is OPI Russian Navy and I really love the color. I will let you know how the shellac keeps up for the allotted 14 days. 

The brides and I's nails. There was another girl but our last stop got cancelled so we didn't get the pic. 

And the freshly pedicured toes. Oh pedicures...I missed you much.

We had a Easter concert at church this week. It went great and the artist Sean C. did an amazing job. It really spoke to me and I was so glad some of my friends could come. 

I made a return to TJ Maxx on Monday and while I waited in line they caught me with their candles by the check outs. This citrus cilantro candle smelled amazing and I just couldn't resist. I've never seen this Maison brand and I'm very impressed so far. 

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