Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Best Corny Movie Ever

Do you have a favorite corny movie? 

I do. I know it's corny but I love it anyway.
I quote it with my sister who loves it as well. 
But I've found very few other people have seen it or loved it. 
Which made my quote pass by unnoticed the other day even though I thought it was hilarious. 

This is my favorite corny movie. 
This is the blurb online: "Two Asian-American "surfer-dude" brothers discover they are the long lost princes from a China Sea Island. Park of their inheritance are magically-induced martial arts prowess. Using their new powers they act to overthrow the island's current dictator, a despotic madman."

If you haven't seen it I say watch it even though you probably won't appreciate it the way I do. 
I first saw it when I was in junior high and then went through a summer in high school where my best friend and I watched it every time we were together. (That was a lot) 

When my movie line fell on deaf ears at work I immediately text my sister so she could laugh with me. Which also prompted a random movie line night later on. 
You know sitting there saying lines from movies you love that just make you laugh.

It was fun. 
Can you name the movie? 

"That's a nice boulder...." 

"A llama? He's supposed to be dead!!!"

"Cause everybody knows that money can't buy knives!" 

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