Thursday, July 7, 2011

Money, Money, Money

This is how I feel about money at the moment. That I've had to break my piggy bank and must get five new ones! The reason behind all this, I got into a car accident that was my fault essentially. I think I can blame it on the other driver and some other things but we won't get into that. With that comes a deductible since my car cracked and their car had a scratch. (Really?! how does that happen?!) My piggy bank is sad, I am sad and now slightly worried about money. Truth time, I have never been that great at saving money. I can always find something I "should" buy. (don't we all) 

But this incident made me realize I need to do better. I need to have savings and watch how I am spending my money. I don't think I do horrible but I most definitely could do better. With that will come some sacrifices I have to make and some brain storming but it's necessary. I am trying to find more ways to save and I am open to any ideas! I have been thinking about a second job for a little while but I don't know what to do. I don't think I could do retail again. Too much drama and stress after my normal stress filled day time position. I would love to be able to babysit again and earn money that way but I don't have a good clientele here. I'm open to ideas here as well!! Help a girl out!

Hope everyone has a saving filled weekend!!

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