Tuesday, July 26, 2011

2011 Plan Mid Year Update!

I have slacked with my updates, I know! But it's kinda the middle of the year! (Well it's after but we can ignore that) It's good to see what I've accomplished and how much more I have to do! With this update I want to focus on what has been accomplished more than what else I have to work on. So here it goes!

-I have been more positive! Yes, I have had my down days but overall I think my outlook is much more positive with most everything.
-I have expanded my cooking skills. I believe I have shown that in my many food posts here!
-I have made headway with decorating my room! It's the little things and I still want to do more but it's coming together.
-I took a mini road trip! It was very mini, like 2 hours away but I counted it since I went somewhere I have never been.
-I have been more crafty! Again with the little things but I have made stuff and really want to do more when I have money.
-I have worked on my relationship with God and I feel like I have more peace,
-I have been healthier. I cut out pop. I have it every now and then but not every morning like before.
-I have been losing weight. (I think) I have been counting calories and will be working out more since my room is no longer a sauna! I feel better but haven't seen huge results.

Well, that's all for now folks! I know I have more on my list and looking at it right now makes me a little worried if I'll get it all done....but I have still have a few months of 2011 left. Plus I'm a procrastinator I have work well on crunch time! Haha!

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  1. Good job! Keep it up. You're way ahead of me cuz I didn't make any new year resolutions. Maybe next year!!