Thursday, June 2, 2011

Day 4!

Day 4 of no pop in the morning for me! So far so good! The test will be tomorrow morning when I go to the store for my co-worker's and I Friday ritual, real pop or non diet. I will be purchasing a diet pop for her and Izze natural soda for me. Well that's the plan for now at least. No I will stick to it! I can't quit now! I've also gone walking twice this week before work and my legs are SORE! I have the Reebock EasyTones and I am feeling it! No pain, no gain though. I want to lose weight and be healthy. I want to sleep better and feel better overall. That is the plan and I am sticking to it! That's all I have for now, no other inspirations or exciting news. I might have an idea for a craft but we shall have to see about that later. All I have left is a picture of me, in a massive hat. This was taken on my birthday right before Easter when all the Easter "bonnets" were out. (If you haven't see Judy Garland in Easter Parade not sure if you will get that) It was a good day.

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