Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Rave Review!

I've actually been using Origins since May 2010 and I am still loving it! Usually with face products I buy something new before I even finish one bottle because I stop liking it and feel like it stops working. I literally would have bottles and bottles of moisturizers, creams, and face washes sitting around half empty that I wasn't using. Not anymore!!!

The picture is of my newest purchases and I got the great deal! The middle container which is their GinZing eye cream is normally over $30 by itself and I got everything shown for that price. I have been squeezing the life of the little sample bottles of eye cream I've had for months now! The bottle on the far left is Modern Friction, an exfoliater that works great. The bottle on the far right is the GinZing moisturizer and is great for summer since it has a little tint in it.

I really love their products. I have a face wash, serum, a day and night moisturizer, the stuff I bought this weekend and I also use their tinted moisturizing foundation. My skin feels great! I don't get flaky spots and I have less trouble spots. I love it all! It's a little pricey for what I usually spend but it lasts a looong time. Every bottle I've had has lasted at least 6 months no problem and they do sets for great deals just like what I bought this weekend.

So this was longer than I meant it to be but I couldn't just say it was great! lol If you have an Origins near you call and set up a mini facial for yourself and see for yourself!

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